Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mayo Clinic Health Manager

Being a mom of 3 boys, it can be an adventure, and those adventures can sometimes end up at emergency room. Then it's the monthly and yearly doctor visits, oh, did I mention I need to schedule myself too. It can get very hectic when it comes to doctor's appointments and keeping track of our health records. I know I have trouble keeping it all together. But now I have found the Mayo Clinic Health Manager. This program will help keep me updated on everyones health information and doctor appointments.

After I signed up the first thing I did was create my family records. Then I clicked on my record, which brought me to an overview page. There it list all the recommendations I should do or will need as I get older, some I did not even know of. I then updated everything I knew on my current health and my health history. You can track your medications, allergies, appointments & visits, surgeries or procedures, test & screenings, family history, concerns, social history & pregnancy. You also can track your health care providers, insurance plans, pharmacies & emergency contacts.

They also have a tool section which includes asthma control test, asthma management questionnaire, blood pressure tracker, BMI calculator, cholesterol tracker, depression assessment, heart disease risk calculator, height tracker, peak flow tracker, pregnancy due date calculator, weight tracker & build your own tracker.

This is going to help me keep track and be more organize on all of our health. You can check it out too at www.healthmanager.mayoclinic.com.

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