Saturday, August 1, 2009

Flylady Babysteps - Day 8

Today is the day I will be working on my Control Journal. I already have a 3 ring binder with paper in it and now I'm writing my morning & before bedtime routines.

Morning Routine

- Get up and get dressed to lace up shoes; fixing your hair and face
- Looking at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
- Reading 2 minutes of reminders
- Recognizing the negative voices and changing them; YOU ARE FLYing NOW!
- Put out your Hot Spots for 2 minutes

Before Bed Routine

- Keep your sink shining
- Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
- Put out your Hot Spot

I even lay out my swimsuit because we're all going swimming in the river today! So here I am, showered, dress and I fixed my hair & make-up

Here is my control journal...

1 comment:

  1. Hello! i really enjoy reading your posts. Congrats on the babysteps...I'm working on those, too.



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