Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First DIY Project!

My youngest son, who is 3 is in need of a twin size bed.  He's been sleeping on a toddler bed for a while now, and I can tell he's not enjoying it anymore!  Hubby and I have been discussing about buying a new bed for him, but I knew we could do better and save a few bucks!

I went to my parents house and took a look in the basement.  There was my old twin bed that I use to sleep in just sitting there.  Mattress, head board, foot board and a wooden board to lay on the bed frames and hold the mattress.  It use to be part of a bunk bed set, but it's one of those that can be used as two beds as well.

Well, the head and foot board needs a coat of paint and the wooden board needs new batting and new material to be put over it.  So I decided, I can fix it and make it look GREAT!

First, I brought out all the pieces...

Here's the wooden board.

The mattress.

Finally the rails, head board and foot board!

The first thing I did was tear off the fabric and batting off the wooden support board.

Then I decided to paint.  
Now I don't paint much, but I think I did pretty good.
I painted the head and the foot board.

Defiantly looks better then it did before!

I then replaced the old cardboard with new cardboard.

I then laid the batting down.

I then laid the fabric over the batting and stapled gun a few piece to hold in place.

I then flipped it over...

and stapled all around the edges.

After I was done, I placed it on the bed rails and put the head & foot
boards on to see how it would look!

Here is my 3 year old trying out the bed!
Can't wait to bring it home and add the mattress to it!

20 Minute Mini Mission - Cleaning An End Table

This morning I decided to attack my end tables in my living room.  
Yes, another dumping ground. 
So I spent about 20 minutes taking everything off, sorting it and putting what did not belong there away!



I place the doily my Mom made me years ago under the lamp.
It looks goo there!

I Love Changing Bed Sheets!

Every Sunday I change everyone's bed sheets!  
It's funny how I hate making the beds daily, but I love changing the bed sheets.  
Well except my oldest son's bed, he sleeps on the top bunk and I hate changing those sheets.

I also clean off our end tables, and Adam's side of the bed.
He likes to eat Reese Cups and drink his water while he watches TV.
So awhile back a gave him a small trash bucket to throw his Reese Cup wrappers in since before he would just throw them on the floor, which really irritated me.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Cleaning My Couch...OUCH!

Yes, I had to clean off my couch.  Why?  Well we got a new entertainment center last week, it's a little smaller than our last one and I kind of used it was a drop of station (not good).  So I had a huge pile of items that did not belong there, then it all got put on the couch!

Not a good sight!  So the first thing I did was gather some bins and boxes and marked them Keep, Trash/Recycle and Donate.  I sorted everything!

So I spent an hour sorting and putting everything in there "homes".  Well after I clean of the couch, I decided to investigate under the it, because we haven't been able to sit on the left side because some springs broke and I have been procrastinating about fixing it.  Well with a little sweat, muscle and patients I fixed it!  It's like new again!!!

Now my couch looks GREAT!  Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Starting Again...

Oh where have I been?  I actually was doing really well for awhile, and that could be why I didn't post much on my blog, but unfortunately, I have fallen off the wagon.  So it's time I get back on and start following Flylady again!  I'll be back really soon.  Just wanted to let you all know I AM BACK!

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