Sunday, July 5, 2009

Organize Now! Week 1

This is my first week of the Organize Now journey. The goals are going to be a little hard for me since I picked the wrong week to start this, but no more excuses. My family and I are sort of on vacation this week, but we're only touring in state except for Thursday, we're going to NH to Santa's Village, which will be the only day I won't be able to do much. But here it goes...Week 1 is organizing our mind. Ok, this shouldn't be too hard.

Goal 1 - Get at least 7 hours of sleep.

This goal won't be to hard to do, since I already get 7 hours asleep.

Goal 2 - Jot down a short to-do list of everything I need or want to do for the day

Today's to-dos:
1. Do at least 1/2 of the laundry that is piled up *check*
2. Spend 1 hour on my bedroom cleaning *check*
3. Stir my Amish Bread Starter *check*

Goal 3 - Start a journal.

I don't have a journal, but I do write about my feelings and special memories on my blogs, so I think that will be my journal.

Goal 4 - Limit TV time

Don't have a problem with TV but a big problem with the computer. So I will be limiting my time by being on the computer only on the morning and/or at night.

Goal 5 - Schedule a 2 minute break 2-3 times a day to spend time alone.

I'm ok with this. I do this when my boys are taking there naps.

Goal 6 - Practice meditating

To be honest I have never meditated. So I will try to do this before I go to bed.

Goal 7 - Schedule time to exercise

I've been slacking on my exercising. I did take time to do it today. I have the EA Sports Active for our Wii and I love it.

Goal 8 - Schedule "Me" time

This is something I need to work on. I do spend time on the computer, which I like, but really need to do something else that I really enjoy.

Goal 9 - Eliminate energy drainers in your life.

Well this one is going to be hard some the clutter in my home is everywhere. So I'm going to focus on decluttering/cleaning at least 1 hour a day.

Goal 10 - Take control of your time.

The to-do list will help me on this. Once I do what is on my to-do list, I'll have more control of my time!


  1. Question on goal 6 -- is that a typo (should be meditating)? I wouldn't know how to practice mediating ;)

  2. Opps, spell check didn't pick it up *blush* I'll fix it....


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