Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flylady Babysteps - Day 5

So far I am...

- Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
- Keeping our sink shining
- Reading 2 minutes of Reminders
- Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom

Today I will be writing down those nagging negative voices that pop into my head? Then I need to turn those ugly words around and say something nice to myself.

Negative 1. I have failed

Positive 1. I haven't failed. Life has changed since the last time I started Flylady. I just need to change my house cleaning routines to fit what I do in my life now.

Negative 2. I'm lazy

Positive 2. I am not lazy. I just need to relearn my cleaning routines. I've done it before, I can do it again. This time it will be easier!

Negative 3. I hate my home! I live in a trailer, why should I care what it looks like?

Positive 3. It's not my home I hate, it's the mess inside it. My home is not my ideal home, but it's a roof over my head. It's a home to be proud of because we bought it. When my home is clean, it looks like a new place, plus I can decorate it more to fit my style which will be part of me.


  1. I appreciate you sharing your Flylady experience with us all but sharing your negatives and how you turned them into positives is extra inspirational!

  2. Keep pumping in those positive thoughts. It's all in the perspective—you're blessed, and successful!


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