Sunday, July 12, 2009

Organize Now! Week 1 Recap

My recap for the Week 1 Organize Now Book...

1. Got a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.
2. I did start most of the day's with a short to-do list.
3. I journal on my blogs.
4. I limit my computer time, but need to work on it even more.
5. Had my 2 minute breaks
6. Did not practice meditating, feel weird thinking about doing that...
7. Only exercise on the Wii once this week, but we also were on vacation so I did do a lot of walking at Shelburne Museum & Santa's Village!
8. I didn't really schedule any "Me" time, but again, I was on vacation, but with the family.
9. I stayed pretty positive this week, no energy drainers! Again, on vacation, so that probably helped!
10. I did set goals and break them down in to doable daily to-do's.

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