Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work For Me Wednesday #1

This is my first WFMW post. I just recently discovered it, I know, where have I been?
You too can head on over and check it here.

Okay, now I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Flylady, if not, she's awesome! She helps you through babysteps to get control of your clutter & routines. Check out her FREE website here. One of her steps is to "Swish & Swipe", which is cleaning the toilet and wiping the counter top. She also suggests to use any kind of cleaner like shampoo to swish the toilet with. Well, here is what I do...I mix all my almost empty shampoo, conditioner, body wash & bubble bath container into one container which is used ONLY for swishing the toilet with. Now I know I'm not alone when I say for some reason, that people (including myself), don't seem to like to finish off those bottles. By doing this, there is no waste and it cleans my toilet without harmful fumes.

Gather up all your almost empty containers or
those sample size shampoo's that you've never used.

Grab a big enough container to poor them all in.

Once it's all filled, mark it so everyone knows that this is your "Swishing" container.

Then poor some in your toilet bowl

Swish it around with a toilet brush

Flush, and wolah, a clean toilet.
Do this everyday to prevent build up.


  1. Shampoo really can clean a toilet? I guess I never thought of that! Love FLYlady too!

  2. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to raid our bathrooms for the leftovers.

  3. Love this blog, I am bookmarking to return....

  4. Wow, I've never heard of this! Very interesting, thank you.

  5. Great way to use up the last drops in the bottle. Thanks!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. Every Day? God bless ya. But great idea on consolidating. I've actually tried shampoo in the toilet cause I was out of cleaner, and it did leave a nice smell and light bubbles for a clean look.

  7. I love FlyLady...but I never considered have one designated bottle for all the "left overs" and use that for the Swish&Swipe...Great idea! Thanks!


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