Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Cleaning Frenzy 6/13 - 6/20

Here is my deep cleaning list for my boys bedrooms for the Summer Cleaning Frenzy. Now this list may seem small, but I have 2 bedrooms to do. They're small bedrooms, so I figure that doing both shouldn't be to hard for this week.

* Pick up the toys on the floor
* Go through all the toys & clothes, get rid what's not being used
* Put clean sheets, pillow cases & blankets on the beds
* Clean out closets
* Vacuum floors
* Straighten up bookcases
* Wash windows


  1. Angie, I am excited that you are joining us! I will add you and your link to the Friend's list right now!

  2. o.k., I added your link. You can see it by clicking on today's post and following the link for the Friends.

    Or you can find it is on the right sidebar under Summer Cleaning Frenzy, you just click on the Friend's list.

    Thank you for joining us and hoping we both get alot done this week!


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