Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Your Clutter Tolerance?

I took this quiz online, and this is what came up....


"I have clutter, therefore I am." "You are not embarrassed by your mess nor do you feel guilty about it because you have other priorities," says Buttigieg. "You dislike routine and don't see any reason to organize every nook and cranny perfectly." But you know you could do better -- and with all of the stuff that goes along with kids and a busy household, you'd like to try. Where to begin? "Understand that organizing doesn't have to be time-consuming," advises Buttigieg. "Loosely organize your things with a system that takes the least amount of steps possible and leaves you with some flexibility." See what Buttigieg suggests to suit your unstructured style.
Your Key Words: Labeled open boxes, clocks, and one notebook. * Don't confine yourself to a filing cabinet; use labeled trays and boxes instead. For example, throw your bills in a tray labeled "to pay" and toss your sales receipts in a box labeled "receipts." * Get rid of lids (on your containers, your laundry hamper, and your shoe boxes) to make it easier to put things away and retrieve them. * Use shelving and color-coded containers to keep project materials out in plain view. For example, place a shelving unit in your mudroom and place plastic dishpans on the shelf, a different color for each member of the family. This can act as a landing zone for items brought into the home at the end of the day and a take-off zone for items that have to be taken as each person leaves the home the next day (no more overdue library books or lunch forms). * Utilize closet shelving instead of dresser drawers for your folded clothing like T-shirts and sweaters. * Remove cumbersome closet doors and replace them with curtains that glide easily. * Keep your calendar in clear view but keep your scheduling loose; an a.m./p.m. calendar for each day is all you need. * Place large clocks in strategic locations throughout your home and/or set your watch or cell phone to beep as a reminder. Use self-imposed deadlines to encourage you to complete tasks. * Avoid writing things on scraps of paper that can easily go missing. Use a spiral notebook instead. And keep one by your phone at all times; resist the temptation to use several different notebooks for this purpose.

You can take the quiz too, check it out here.

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