Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's Cleaning Challenge - Cleaning Caddy

Make a Cleaning Caddy today. One for each level of your house.
You can use an bucket or an inexpensive caddy from the dollar store.

*Bucket or Plastic Carry All to hold supplies
*Rubber Gloves
*Window and Glass Cleaner
*Baking Soda: this is a great green addition. It deodorizes and cleans, and even unclogs drains when combined with salt.
*Household Cleaner Spray Bottle
*Germ Killer
*Toilet Cleaner and Brush
*Wood Polish or Surface Polishing Spray
*Air and Fabric Freshener
*All Purpose Cleaner
*Cleaning Rags: A variety of clothes, cleaning sponges, paper towels and wet wipes.
*Garbage bags and Plastic Grocery Bags
*Dusters: A long handled feather duster can help you clean hard to reach places.
*Broom and Dustpan
*Mop or Swiffer

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