Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cleaning My Couch...OUCH!

Yes, I had to clean off my couch.  Why?  Well we got a new entertainment center last week, it's a little smaller than our last one and I kind of used it was a drop of station (not good).  So I had a huge pile of items that did not belong there, then it all got put on the couch!

Not a good sight!  So the first thing I did was gather some bins and boxes and marked them Keep, Trash/Recycle and Donate.  I sorted everything!

So I spent an hour sorting and putting everything in there "homes".  Well after I clean of the couch, I decided to investigate under the it, because we haven't been able to sit on the left side because some springs broke and I have been procrastinating about fixing it.  Well with a little sweat, muscle and patients I fixed it!  It's like new again!!!

Now my couch looks GREAT!  Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow?

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