Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Organizing Tip Of The Day - Laundry Baskets

Now I don't know about you all, but I have a lot of laundry baskets hanging around. Adam kept buying them because dirty laundry would pile up in the bathroom, bedrooms and in the laundry room. I guess he figured the more we had the less laundry clutter we'd have. Wrong! The more laundry baskets we have the more dirty clothes we have, and then I started running out of clean laundry because I didn't do any. Oops. Well this post isn't really about our laundry, it's about the laundry baskets. Though I have come to realize we only need one laundry basket, and once that basket is full, then it's definitely time to do a load. So what are we to do with the extra laundry baskets?

How about our recycling? I have a small, very small basket in the kitchen to put my recycling in when I'm cooking, baking or we've finished a bottle of water and don't want to run to the mud room to put the container in our big recycling bin,but instead put it in the basket. Well, this basket seems to get full very quickly, in less than one day. So I went into my bedroom, the dungeon room, and guess what, I found a laundry basket...

And of course there's laundry in it. The biggest question it clean or dirty? Well when in doubt they go into the washer. Another tip, by having only one basket can really answer that question.

So anyway, I took the clothes out and threw them in the wash, and then cleaned out the laundry basket using Clorox Cleaning Wipes.

After, I placed a plastic bag inside the laundry basket to keep it clean due to maybe a leak in a water bottle or tiny pieces of paper that could fall through the holes.

I then put my recyclable in the basket.

And, woo-la..I'm done!

This will make it a lot easier to take care of, plus I'm using my
laundry baskets that are just hanging around and
I don't have to worry about my recycling running over on to the floor.

I get my tips from Donna Smallin's Book
A-Z Storage Solutions.
You should check it out....

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